Gorzo offers for free 2.000 original works, acrylic on paper, 64x44 cm, handmade through a stencil, to anyone who wants to receive one.In the context that exiled the entropic and pandemic manifestation of creativity and the exposure of the arts in the digital sphere, Gorzo brings us back to the real dimension of direct experience with the object of art.

This becomes almost impossible today when we have to repress the exteriority. Access to art in museums, galleries and cultural spaces is restricted, and the authentic, immersive experience of contact with exhibitions and art objects goes through a deep dislocation.

Now everything happens online. The delicate ecology that supports the digital revolution seems to be entering a kind of collapse, with an emphasis on the attention that is rationalized online on multiple fronts: family, friends, work, concerns, desires and aspirations, in other words, images, videos and texts.


When we interact with art online, its intrinsic - actional - character, closely related to the experience lived when we look at an art object live, is reduced to those few square centimeters of the screen and the disposition to imagine around them. This deviating meeting can be easily interrupted by another urgent notification from the virtual environment. 

If the restrictions arising from the responsible social behavior and current fears question the direct contact with the exhibition, then Private Jet is scrutinizing the need to reconsider the interaction with the exhibited art objects.

Gorzo and / SAC frame a direct exposure. An authentic work of art in your own home, with the possibility to choose from twenty forms that belong to the new bestiary and the already known iconography of Gorzo.


We are sending the exhibition to your home. Your space will host the work received.

For some of us it can be the beginning of an art collection, for others it is an opportunity to complete it. The rules are the same: choose the desired work from the site and fill in the form with your personal data. Remember to fill in the promo code PRIVATE JET, to ensure that you get the work for free. Also, send us a photo with the works installed in your home, after you receive it.

Thus, your private space becomes both part of the exhibition space and part of the work. Private Jet is an action-exhibition-network with 2.000 different situations, brought together and assembled in a single work-action.

An endeavor by Dumitru Gorzo and /SAC

Dumitru Gorzo (b. in 1975) lives and works in New York, being represented by the Slag gallery.

He is the co-founder of the Rostopasca group, one of the first influential artistic movements in post-communism Romania. He has had numerous exhibitions in the country, but especially abroad. Exhibited in (a selection / solo): Bucharest(MNAC – “Gheorghe”, 2019; “Indian Lava & Ritz Mood Guru: Present Salve Fiat Romuli Nepos”, 2006; ARCUB – “Contagiune”, 2017; /SAC – “Gorzo Now”, 2018; H’art Gallery  - “La adăpostul unor plante invazive”, 2016, “Village People”, 2002), New York(Slag Gallery – “Beyond and Within”, 2018; “Against All Odds”, 2008; VOLTA NY –  “Field Trip”, 2019; “Mirror”, 2012, New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art – NJMOCA – “Heads”, 2012), Viernheim(Kunstverein Viernheim – “New York Paintings”, 2017; Atelier Vam Eck – “Short stories of Gorzo”, 2007), Dublin (Kevin Cavanagh Gallery – “Strata”, 2015), Gent(Mie Leferver Gallery – “7 Babes”, 2007), Sibiu(Brukental Museum - “Indian Lava & Ritz Mood Guru: Present Salve Fiat Romuli Nepos”, 2007).

The Contemporary Art Space - / SAC - is an independent private initiative, a resource-context dedicated to the current needs of both the producer and the public, in order to establish a direct and formative dialogue through exhibition, research and dissemination.

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